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  Rice cooker
Name: Automatic Rice Cooking Line
Summary: Rice straw using the latest technology in Japan, for critical processes, adhere to the practice and innovation, fully reflect the safety, energy conservation, efficiency, environmental protection concepts; to constantly improve the quality of rice straw, while minimizing operating costs, with the level in the world.
  leying rice lines using the latest Japanese cooking rice technology, the characteristics of different rice, developed to reduce nutrient loss and broken rice, rice washing means; to ensure adequate rice gelatinization dipping; precision measurement with meters, water distribution installations; adjustable linear flame burner; unique three-dimensional curve can be single speed power transmission; fully meet the different rice cooking rice technology, not only the rice rate, and rice to make nutritious and delicious, rich luster and flexibility well clients.  

  leying rice lines to ensure the quality of rice straw, while the introduction of advanced technology, using water-saving rice washing, effective energy-saving three-dimensional structure of rice stew, innovative drawer-style, anti-deviation loose rice machine, fully reflect the safety, energy , environmental protection, efficient, constantly reduce operating costs, with the level in the world.  

Model Dimensions Ability Gas Electric power Gas-caliber Water supply bore Drain diameter
80 7700*3600*2300 80 kg/h 50000kcal/h 3.145kw/380V DN65 DN20 DN50
150 10500*3600*2380 150 kg/h 100000kcal/h 3.365kw/380V DN65 DN20 DN50
300 14500*3600*3000 300 kg/h 200000kcal/h 3.565kw/380V DN65 DN20 DN50
450 18000*3600*3535 450 kg/h 25000kcal/h 4.115kw/380V DN65 DN20 DN50
600 20000*3600*3750 600 kg/h 35000kcal/h 4.115kw/380V DN65 DN20 DN50