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       Nanjing Leying Professional Kitchen Equipment Co.,Ltd. (formerly: Ningbo Leying Professional Kitchen Equipment Co.,Ltd.) is a core enterprise subordinate Lehui Group, founded in 1991, mainly to undertake the Central Kitchen Project, and independent production of "Le Eagle" brand automatic rice production lines, commercial dishwasher, heating pot conditioning, disinfection equipment and other products.
       Company is located in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development, the registered capital of 2.166 million U.S. dollars, plant covers an area of 360 acres, with international advanced processing equipment 200 sets, more than 100 senior technical personnel.

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Nanjing Leying:
 Automatic rice production line, industry standard dishwasher drafting units;
 China Cuisine Association of fast-food Committee Member;
 2008,2009 consecutive years was awarded the "central kitchen equipment procurement Base";
 largest central kitchen project integrators, commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, the first domestic standard model projects the central kitchen - breakfast Engineering Co., Ltd. Xian assured the central kitchen project contractors;
    ... ...
 1992 Year: delegation going to Japan to study the production of convenience foods and fast food technology;
 1993 years: and the South China University and Tianjin University of Technology to achieve the strategic cooperation and common development and research of convenience foods and fast food production process, technology, equipment issues;
 1995 years: re-visit to Japan, to introduce and absorb Japanese technology, and cooperation with the Ministry of Light Industry to the institutions concerned, in the rice production technology and equipment, a major breakthrough;
 1996 year: 30,000 units built Nissan and microwave dishes from the hot rice production base, two products using advanced sterilization and preservation techniques, the shelf life of 6 months;
 1998 Year: plan to introduce the Japanese central kitchen facilities and a full set of technology;
 1999 years: hosting a Beijing student nutrition meal factory nearly a year, enterprises have become the first from the municipal government of Beijing students nutritious meals business, municipal government issued the following year the students receive nutritious meals advanced production Honors;
 2001 years: the foreign production of dry water-saving fast-food operations and other advanced concepts throughout the equipment selection and plant design;
 2002 years: passed the ISO9001, 2000 international certification. Set of fast-food production equipment and engineering design is increasingly in the domestic counterparts ahead, doubling model works;
 2003 years: Music Eagle automatic rice production line, dishwasher in the domestic market, replacing the foreign brands;
 2004 Year: rice production to reach 70% domestic market share, dishwashers exported to Japan, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions;
 2005 years: study tour to Japan again to study the world's most advanced automatic rice production technology, and successful technological upgrading;
 2006 year: successfully developed an integrated washing drying machine, filled the gap and successfully into the market;
 2007 years: official launch of the new plant in Nanjing to become the largest manufacturing base in the central kitchen equipment;
 2008 year: successfully developed a series of breakfast engineering equipment;
 2009 years: a comprehensive sound equipment and technology to make more perfect equipment, energy saving, environmental protection;
 2010 years: to actively promote the standardization of the central kitchen, the construction of the first standardized national model projects the central kitchen - breakfast Engineering Co., Ltd. Xian assured central kitchen items, will be put into use in September 2010.
Since its inception, always adhere to the "people-oriented, integrity career" business philosophy, to customers are thinking, anxious customer anxious, efforts to improve itself to meet customer needs at different stages. After nearly 20 years of focus on management, sales and service network throughout the country.
We have:
 Shanghai Baosteel Group, the Foxconn Group, more than 180 group companies and other customers;
 Lao Niangjiu fast-food chain, Lihua more than 300 fast food and other fast-food enterprise customers;
 Jilin University, Nanjing University, 400 University customers;
 Nanjing Military Region, Shenyang Military Region, and other troops back customers;
     ... ...
    "Le eagle" products are also exported to Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and more than 20 countries and regions.